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Edwin Bowman and Carlton Becker

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A diverse workforce enhances your company's reputation and image among customers.

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BowmanBecker Consultancy, LLC

Our offices are located in White Plains, NY and Bethlehem, PA and our team has extensive experience in human resource management.

We are a diverse consulting firm that delivers client-centered solutions for Talent Management, Workforce Diversity and Inclusion, and Organization Development to improve your business.

Our Talent Management Consultancy firm helps its clients assess, develop and strengthen the systems, infrastructure, practices and behaviors necessary to support high-performing diverse organizations.

We specialize in:

Talent Management - Diversity & Inclusion Training - Organization Development - Non-Profit HR Solutions - Human Resources Consulting

“With globalization and major shifts in demographics, many employers are hard pressed to build inclusive, effective workforces that reflect the diversity of their customers and communities who can perform at the highest levels,” said Bowman, a founder and principal with BowmanBecker. “Our firm works to help managers and employees examine their beliefs and assumptions, become receptive to change, and learn to use differences and similarities to improve team and business performance. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

“BowmanBecker also has unique capabilities to offer clients who want to develop and manage their global talent pool, or achieve systemic, sustainable change,” said Becker, also a founder and principal in the firm. “Our background enables us to combine the principles and practices of organization development with our expertise in changing workforce values and behaviors. We are also unique in that we believe strongly in collaborating with our clients during an assignment to assure the solutions are fully aligned with their strategic and cultural needs. In the process, we transfer our know-how and skills to the client’s staff, which enables them to sustain the improvements gained through the process.”

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